CMOs Back to top

Track revenue performance.

You’re investing in Markets, Solutions and Buyer Personas unique to your business. We help you measure and communicate revenue impact at that level.

e.g., how much revenue did we influence in the ‘Data Lake’ market last year? Y/Y metrics look great across the buying journey - let’s invest more in this market!

Get an equal seat on the Revenue table.

Product Marketing Back to top

No more messaging/ positioning guesswork.

Get granular feedback on why and how customers are buying - from prospecting to close. Measure revenue impact of your messaging and positioning across all wins, losses, and expansions. Without the manual data collection grunt work.

e.g., which use case is selling the most in a certain vertical? Which feature? What are prospects actually saying? Let’s amplify internally (sales enablement) and externally (AR/PR).

Be the customer guru and GTM-aligner-in-chief.

Demand generation Back to top

Turbo-charge ABM campaigns.

Identify hidden opportunities and convert them into money-spinner campaigns. Use proven keywords tied to closed-won revenue. No more guesswork and opinions.

e.g., which use case has a high close rate in a certain vertical, but not enough pipeline? Looks like we found our next campaign!

Become Sales’ best friend.

Customer Marketing Back to top

Build stories that sell.

Those shiny deals are great to write up, but often one-offs. To make a larger revenue impact, identify trending buyer needs in different markets. Then find repeatable wins and build stories quickly, without spending hours on data collection.

e.g., what pandemic-induced use case is top of mind for mid-market Retailers? What recent deals had that use case? Let’s put their stories out there!

Unleash the power of customer stories!

Competitive intelligence Back to top

Improve win rates.

Why are we winning or losing? Get deep insights into how buyers are evaluating you vs competition on their decision criteria, organized in a revenue-oriented SWOT framework.

e.g., what positioning is working against Oracle in the Data Lake market and why; let’s update our battlecards! What product gaps should be prioritized in our roadmap to drive win rates?

Be the competitor expert. But from the Buyer’s perspective.

Sales development Back to top

Make every conversation count.

Grow qualified pipeline by personalizing at scale (e.g., email sequences), without spending hours on research. Quality and Quantity!

e.g., What KPIs and pain points resonated with similar customers in the recent past? Let’s share these insights and create curiosity!

Be relevant. Lead with a point of view.

Ready to turbo-charge customer acquisition and expansion?