How it works

Multiple data sources Back to top

Single source of truth.

Why and how are customers buying? Why are we winning or losing? Answers lie fragmented across emails, call recordings and CRM. Not to mention, documents, surveys and interview reports. Never to be found.

Tribyl integrates with all data sources, creating a single source of truth for all deals - from prospecting to close and beyond.

Tribyl’s modern A.I. platform is built on scalable Big Data technologies, hosted in a secure AWS environment.

Proprietary algorithms Back to top

Buyer intelligence

We use purpose-built NLP and machine learning algorithms to analyze both structured and unstructured data -- automatically identifying which messages are converting to revenue (or not) for a specific Buyer. So that you can focus on rinsing/repeating what works!

Say goodbye to manual and expensive data collection limited to a handful of deals. Say hello to real-time buying journey intelligence across all your deals.

Your strategic partner Back to top

Rapid Time to value.

We get it - you’re doing multiple day jobs and want results, fast.

We believe in crawl-walk-run: start small, prove the value, and then expand. Our proven approach to onboarding gets you results in weeks. Our customer success team has deep GTM expertise, and has earned kudos for their white-glove service that minimizes effort on your part.

You’re making a strategic investment to grow faster, and we are committed to your long-term success.

Ready to turbo-charge customer acquisition and expansion?